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fastest growing construction disbursement software 

Lenders choose AccuDraw to monitor and disburse construction loans for any type of commercial, residential, builder line or specialty loan. 

Processors love it!

AccuDraw is easy , intuitive and really fast!


Builders & Inspectors

Work site or office – a phone, a tablet or PC- upload data and pictures. 

out now!

Training is quick, easy and free!

Easy to use, easy to learn.
Takes less than 2 hours to get up and running.
Support is always available and it's free! 


Multi-device enabled

AccuDraw provides a lender with the ability to send and receive data (including pictures and documents) from borrowers, builders, inspectors, title companies, and more.  Any device that has an internet connection can safely work with you.


Quick – easy Training.

AccuDraw was built to be easy to use and easy to learn.  It’s flexible and intuitive design allows a lender to use AccuDraw to mimic what process is in place today...and grow in complexity and efficiency tomorrow.  Training usually takes less than 2 hours per user and an AccuDraw tech is on phone standby 5 days a week to answer any question.


Network AccuDraw

AccuDraw is installed on the lender’s network, allowing fully scalable access for as many users as possible (there is no charge per user).   All of the data is behind a lender’s “firewall” –safe and secure. AccuDraw provides the ultimate in data security.

About AccuDraw 

AccuDraw has been serving lenders for the past fifteen years with the majority of it clients using AccuDraw for a mixture of commercial and residential construction.  

Today, AccuDraw is successful because of its clients.  Most new lenders on AccuDraw were based on recommendations from  other lenders.  

Whether it’s pressure from examiners, the need to become more efficient, or just an attempt to centralize workflow, AccuDraw is the logical choice.  


In short:

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    Flexible and Intuitive allows ease of use.

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    The  most popular choice in the industry.

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    Scales to any size portfolio 



AccuDraw can mimic what you do today, and help you grow more efficient tomorrow.  No lender does it the same...AccuDraw adapts to you!



With over 15 years of daily use, AccuDraw has become the choice for construction lenders across the country. Just ask for our references!



Whether it’s one Laptop, multiple PC’s or a large area network of users, AccuDraw can scale for any size portfolio or geographic region. 

Users love it!

Processing is a Breeze!


Your IT Department will approve!

On site

Connect Your Builders & Inspectors


Upload pics and data- fast!


Laptop?  PC?  Network? 


Ask for references...let them sell you!

AccuDraw is compatible with the following financial software providers: