4 Must-Haves In Your New Application

Your wish list of features may be long a complex for your new Construction Loan Management and Disbursement Software system.   If the Software does not have these 4 things…MOVE ON! 1.      Can you EASILY look at any project in the application and tell if the lender (YOU) control sufficient funds to finish…
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Windows Application vs. Web Application?

The Differences Are Crucial As you search for the best Construction Loan Monitoring and/or Construction Disbursement Software to compliment your Construction Financing Software you will find the products are divided into two categories, a Windows PC application installed on your computer (Windows Application), or an application that is located on an cloud based web server…
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Search More Effectively For Your Banks Best Fit

Construction Lending used to be simple – Not Anymore. The construction industry has grown and become more diverse and sophisticated, so has construction lending. Multiple products are offered today: Commercial, Residential, Subdivision, Mortgage, Rehabilitation, Infrastructure, and Collateral Based Credit just to name a few, and every type needs specific tools to assist in monitoring or…
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Man demoing

5 Reasons Why You ALWAYS Get A Live Demo

There are a variety of construction loan management and loan servicing software solutions available to a construction lender. Many lenders currently use Microsoft’s Excel. It is easily customized, can be edited to suit the needs of a team, and it is relatively easy to learn and maintain. And yet, Excel for all its strengths is…
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Blog Post Title

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