Instantly Know Where You Are On Every Construction Budget Line, Draw, and Disbursement

AccuDraw 7 offers a completely customizable construction loan tracking software that does exactly what you need to get the job done quickly and accurately. But did you know that AccuDraw is also able to give you an instant snapshot of where you are on every line item so that you can always maintain sufficient funds…
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2021 Forecasts & the Right Construction Loan Management Software

Although many things are still unknown about COVID-19 and the economic recovery, a recent post-election survey of engineering and construction executives found that 68% of respondents characterized the business outlook for the industry as somewhat or very positive. While many things remain uncertain, here are a few things we can expect in 2021. Remote Work…
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Tracking Guidance Lines with AccuDraw

The structure of guidance lines can offer flexibility to your sophisticated builders, helping them to grow and develop their businesses in a big way. Guidance lines are a great asset for lenders as well, which is why AccuDraw is designed to make it easy to track guidance lines. With AccuDraw, you can easily track, manage,…
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Introducing Pumpkin Spice AccuDraw!

Today we are excited to announce AccuDraw’s construction management software is now available in everyone’s favorite fall flavor, pumpkin spice! Many people may already know that AccuDraw’s newest Version 7 comes with the ability to: Use flex fields to customize tab values Search, edit, and create effortlessly with the new entities design and budget builder…
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How Do You Track Multiple Sources of Construction Loan Funding?

The more time you’ve spent managing construction draws and loans, the more you realize things can get complicated, fast! That’s why construction lenders and contractors have trusted AccuDraw for nearly 20 years to provide the most customizable construction loan management software out there. One of the complex aspects of construction lending is trying to keep…
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Fully Customize Your Construction Lending Reports

When it comes to managing your construction loans and lending, there is a lot of data you’re responsible for tracking. That’s why AccuDraw has spent over 20 years developing the tools and software to make it easy for you to sort, filter, and build any kind of construction loan management report you can think of!…
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AccuDraw Construction Lending Software

The Best Software to Manage Your Contractor’s Construction Loan Budgets

Do you ever feel like formatting and re-formatting your contractor budgets is costing you valuable time and money? Whether you’re tracking your construction loans using spreadsheets or using a construction loan management software, it can be frustrating and overwhelming trying to line up all your budgets across various contractors, projects, and reports. The good news…
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AccuDraw Version 7

What’s New in AccuDraw’s Version 7

AccuDraw’s construction loan software has always been able to offer the most flexible features your business needs. With AccuDraw’s Version 7, we’ve added even more custom functionality to help you and your team organize, sort, and analyze every piece of the construction loan management process, from construction loan tracking to construction loan disbursement. With Version…
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How Star Wars Could Have Used AccuDraw’s All New Version 7

In a galaxy far, far away, an all-new version of AccuDraw was born – and now, Version 7 is here and ready to use! Here’s how these new features could have helped the Empire in Star Wars; we know it will improve whatever construction lending you’re working on, whether it’s conquering the next galaxy or…
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Spreadsheets are like a box of chocolates

Construction Lending Software – Why 2020 May Be the Best Time to Start

AccuDraw can’t protect you from murder hornets or alleged “meth gators,” but it can prevent you from losing valuable data that costs you time and money. Even better – it can get your construction loans, lending, and disbursement up and running on software that is tailored to fit your business strategy. Here are three reasons…
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