Construction Lending Software – Why 2020 May Be the Best Time to Start

Construction Lending Software – Why 2020 May Be the Best Time to Start

Spreadsheets are like a box of chocolates

AccuDraw can’t protect you from murder hornets or alleged “meth gators,” but it can prevent you from losing valuable data that costs you time and money. Even better – it can get your construction loans, lending, and disbursement up and running on software that is tailored to fit your business strategy.

Here are three reasons to start socially distancing from those spreadsheets and look at implementing a construction loan software system.

#1 – You need a system you can trust that is accurate and easy to use.

Are you still using spreadsheets to track your construction lending and disbursements? With multiple users all accessing the same spreadsheets, it’s easy to accidentally lose data or even entire files.

A software system like AccuDraw gets everyone on the same page. Builders, Borrowers, Inspectors (and anyone else you choose) can submit draws, inspections, pictures and documents using our Web Portal. You have total control of who has access and you manage the flow of information. No more double entry, everyone is in sync!

#2 – You need a system that can match your system.

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to construction lending. You know your business better than anyone else – AccuDraw has the flexibility and customization to let you keep doing what works for you. Our engineers will even customize your screens and reports to your exact specifications.

#3 – You need a system without complicated pricing that can grow as you grow.

AccuDraw’s pricing is based on a per draw or per loan basis. There is a (one time) set up or license fee for the lender – that’s it! No annual service contracts, free upgrades, free support and free training for the life of the project.

AccuDraw has been the leader in construction lending software for over 15 years. We know what it takes to get you started, no mask required!

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