Data Security and AccuDraw

Data Security and AccuDraw

The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse estimates that there have been 10,000 or more public data breaches since 2005, ranging from organizations such as Yahoo!, Marriott, and Target to the U.S. Military. It can feel like the stories of these breaches are becoming all too frequent, quickly followed by the staggering number of customers whose highly sensitive data has been exposed. 

It’s no wonder that companies are increasingly being held accountable for what information they are collecting from consumers – and how they are keeping it safe.

AccuDraw 7 is the most customizable construction loan tracking software on the market, giving you the tools to get the job done quickly and accurately. And although we’ve spent 20 years building in as much flexibility as possible, data security is one area where we draw a hard line.

How it Works – Your Data is Your Own 

While we’ve made it easy to access AccuDraw on the go through your phone, tablet, or computer – the good news is that your data stays securely with you, whether you’re at the office, out at a job site, or even at home.

AccuDraw consists of one application that can be installed on a PC based-computer or a Citrix or Terminal Server environment. The SQL database is your database, and it doesn’t matter what type of SQL your IT Department has.

On top of that, all the data is yours, meaning it isn’t hosted on a cloud server that belongs to AccuDraw. In fact, we don’t have access to your data at all. All the sensitive information – both yours and your customer’s – is behind your own firewall and security protocols.

Since none of this sensitive data is connected to the AccuDraw portal, there’s nothing that can be leaked or breached from the AccuDraw side. Even still, we encrypt all of our transmissions via HTTPS, secure our severs with hardware firewalls, and routinely run scans for malware and virus threats. The AccuDraw portal has historically run at a 99.99% uptime. 

Access Controls and Authentication

Bank employees are authorized by your administrator to access the AccuDraw software housed on your server. AccuDraw makes it easy to customize and define various levels of access, roles, and IDs for each user.

Each employee who has been given access is assigned a username and a password (a weak or strong option can be turned on by your administrator). The users must sign on every time they use the application, and all login attempts and results are logged.

Third Parties

AccuDraw does not provide or receive any information from third parties. Furthermore, AccuDraw:

  • Does not rely on Adobe Flash technology
  • Does not rely on any Java script
  • Does not have any dependencies on Microsoft Silverlight

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AccuDraw is the most flexible construction loan tracking software out there, giving you a secure solution to your construction loan management.

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