Fully Customize Your Construction Lending Reports

Fully Customize Your Construction Lending Reports

When it comes to managing your construction loans and lending, there is a lot of data you’re responsible for tracking. That’s why AccuDraw has spent over 20 years developing the tools and software to make it easy for you to sort, filter, and build any kind of construction loan management report you can think of!

As the only construction loan management software that includes a fully customizable report builder right out-of-the-box, AccuDraw makes it easy to put together any type of report you need.

Dynamic Grids Make Building Your Reports Easy and Fast

Want to sort projects by zip code? Need to combine all the projects from a single builder, contractor, or borrower into a single report? AccuDraw’s new Version 7 introduces Dynamic Grids to make it easy to build whatever report you need.

Dynamic Grids help you organize and track all the relevant information in a single report that’s easy to print or export into Excel or PDF. With Dynamic Grids, you can:

  • Move any column to a new position
  • Sort, filter, hide, and edit columns
  • Add or subtract columns from your library
  • Filter any column by value
  • Print a report from any customized screen
  • Create a custom report that will open in Excel or PDF

And you always have the support of the expert AccuDraw team, who can walk you through any additional help or reports you might need along the way.

Custom Branding for Your Business

While you always have the ability to make simple design changes within the report builder, the team at AccuDraw is able to help you fully brand any report with:

  • Your branding, including fonts and colors
  • Any special headers
  • Your logo
  • And more!

At AccuDraw, we’re not afraid of special requests or customizations. We’ve been building construction loan management software for more than 20 years – that means we’ve got two decades worth of experience to help you get your reporting exactly the way you want it!

Contact us for a free demo to try out AccuDraw’s Version 7 and start building your own custom reports today!