The Best Software to Manage Your Contractor’s Construction Loan Budgets

The Best Software to Manage Your Contractor’s Construction Loan Budgets

AccuDraw Construction Lending Software

Do you ever feel like formatting and re-formatting your contractor budgets is costing you valuable time and money? Whether you’re tracking your construction loans using spreadsheets or using a construction loan management software, it can be frustrating and overwhelming trying to line up all your budgets across various contractors, projects, and reports.

The good news is that AccuDraw has a solution that can work for you, no matter what your contractor budget looks like!

Are You Duplicating Work?

Maybe you’ve come across this scenario: Contractor A likes to roll up all his costs into a few line items, but Contractor B prefers to track every expense separately. One sends you a budget with 10 line items and the other sends over a budget with 500!

So how do you put these into your construction loan software system?

Many construction lending software systems will make you do the work to convert your contractor budgets into a standardized template or form that it can use for reporting and tracking your construction draws and disbursements. But manually converting all these budgets can take a lot of time and effort, and valuable details can get lost or entered incorrectly.

On top of all this, these converted budgets can be a source of confusion when your contractor receives a disbursement for an item they don’t recognize!

AccuDraw Makes Uploading Budgets Easy and Accurate

AccuDraw makes tracking budgets quick, easy, and painless for both you and your contractors.

With AccuDraw’s construction loan management software, you don’t have to worry about spending time and money re-creating a contractor’s budget. It’s as easy as this:

  1. Get the budget from your contractor in an Excel document
  2. Upload into AccuDraw
  3. Sort by any column or heading – they’ll import too!

Need to track a special line item? AccuDraw can do that! Need to divide out construction loan disbursements across draws? AccuDraw can do that, track it, and even automatically let your contractor know the money is in their account.

AccuDraw is built to track complex and sophisticated construction lending. The flexibility and customization you need is available right out of the box, without any expensive upgrades or special add-ons. Contact us to try a demo today or read more about AccuDraw’s Version 7 and the latest features to help you manage your construction lending.