One of the Best Features of AccuDraw? Hint – It Isn’t a Feature at All

One of the Best Features of AccuDraw? Hint – It Isn’t a Feature at All

The first version of AccuDraw came out nearly two decades ago. That was before the iPhone was invented and Barry Bonds had set the record for the most home runs in a single season. Pop-singer Billie Eilish had just been born, and Facebook wouldn’t be around for four more years.

Since then, a lot has changed – both in the world at-large and within the construction loan tracking software industry. The good news is that no matter what changes, you’re never locked into paying for an outdated software system with AccuDraw!

When you choose AccuDraw, you continuously have access to the most customizable construction loan tracking software available for every size lender and loan type. We release updates and new features to ensure that you have exactly what you need to get the job done quickly and accurately – and at no extra cost.

New Releases Without New Fees (or Headaches)

In the past 20 years, we’ve made a lot of upgrades for our customers– from user experience updates to better ways to customize any and every report.

The best part of these updates is that every AccuDraw customer has immediate access to the newest releases without any new fees, payments, or expensive add-ons. Lifetime access is a standard perk to any AccuDraw subscription, meaning you can continuously get the best features on the market without any additional cost.

AccuDraw releases new features, enhancements, or minor fixes once a quarter, and many of these are by request from our current customers! In addition, other customizations, major bug fixes (usually for customizations found in testing) are released on a per needed basis. Plus, alongside these updates, we offer free lifetime training!

What if You Don’t See a Feature You Need?

If you’re considering AccuDraw for your construction loan tracking software solution and wondering if we have a customization option or feature you need, the odds are good that we either already have it or can add it. AccuDraw Version 7 already makes it easy to:

  • Move any column to a new position
  • Sort, filter, hide and edit columns
  • Add or subtract columns from library
  • Filter any column by value
  • Print a report from any customized screen
  • Create a custom report that will open in Excel or PDF

We’ve spent 20 years working with customers to build software that has the tools they need (without the headaches!) to track construction loans accurately and efficiently. If we don’t have a feature yet, contact us to see if we can work together to make it happen!

Ready to Try AccuDraw?

AccuDraw is the most flexible construction loan tracking software out there, and we work hard to make sure you have what you need to stay ahead of the game.

Ready to get started? Contact us today for a free demo of AccuDraw’s Version 7!