How Star Wars Could Have Used AccuDraw’s All New Version 7

How Star Wars Could Have Used AccuDraw’s All New Version 7

In a galaxy far, far away, an all-new version of AccuDraw was born – and now, Version 7 is here and ready to use!

Here’s how these new features could have helped the Empire in Star Wars; we know it will improve whatever construction lending you’re working on, whether it’s conquering the next galaxy or a custom shed for your light sabers.

If you’ve ever seen Star Wars, you’ll remember the Death Star, the infamous super weapon of the Empire that could destroy an entire planet with a single blast! A lot of time, effort, and stormtroopers went into the construction – but imagine what would have been possible if they’d been working with the new features of AccuDraw’s Version 7.

What’s New with AccuDraw’s Version 7

AccuDraw 7 Construction Loan Software Preview of Archive Feature for Construction Lending

We all know that good construction loan software can minimize mistakes and increase the speed and accuracy of disbursements.

With AccuDraw Version 7, you can do all of that even faster with full control over multiple customized screens, reports, and sorting. Plus, they all load, export, and print at warp-speed!

You won’t even need to use “The Force” to get the data you need to maximize every project, thanks to new Version 7 features that allow you to:

  • Hide or show what you want
  • Archive or restore sold loans
  • Use flex fields to customize tab values
  • Search, edit, and create effortlessly with the new entities design and budget builder
  • And more!

 Ready to get started with Version 7? Contact us today to get setup with an evaluation version on your desktop or a live demo online or read why this year may be the best time to update your construction lending software.