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The Easy Way to Future-Proof Your Construction Lending

A recent study found that 64% of American workers say they are looking for new job opportunities or will consider moving jobs if approached by another company. As we start to shift beyond COVID-19, this could mean that a number of your current employees may be looking at new career options in the future. Employee…
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AccuDraw Version 7

What’s New in AccuDraw’s Version 7

AccuDraw’s construction loan software has always been able to offer the most flexible features your business needs. With AccuDraw’s Version 7, we’ve added even more custom functionality to help you and your team organize, sort, and analyze every piece of the construction loan management process, from construction loan tracking to construction loan disbursement. With Version…
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How Star Wars Could Have Used AccuDraw’s All New Version 7

In a galaxy far, far away, an all-new version of AccuDraw was born – and now, Version 7 is here and ready to use! Here’s how these new features could have helped the Empire in Star Wars; we know it will improve whatever construction lending you’re working on, whether it’s conquering the next galaxy or…
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Spreadsheets are like a box of chocolates

Construction Lending Software – Why 2020 May Be the Best Time to Start

AccuDraw can’t protect you from murder hornets or alleged “meth gators,” but it can prevent you from losing valuable data that costs you time and money. Even better – it can get your construction loans, lending, and disbursement up and running on software that is tailored to fit your business strategy. Here are three reasons…
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4 Must-Haves In Your New Application

Your wish list of features may be long and complex for your new Construction Loan Management and Disbursement Software system.   If the Software does not have these 4 things…MOVE ON! Can you EASILY look at any project in the application and tell if the lender (YOU) control sufficient funds to finish the project at…
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Working together

Windows Application vs. Web Application?

The Differences Are Crucial As you search for the best Construction Loan Monitoring and/or Construction Disbursement Software to compliment your Construction Financing Software you will find the products are divided into two categories, a Windows PC application installed on your computer (Windows Application), or an application that is located on an cloud based web server…
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Woman searching

Search More Effectively For Your Bank’s Best Fit

Construction Lending used to be simple – Not Anymore. The construction industry has grown and become more diverse and sophisticated, so has construction lending. Multiple products are offered today: Commercial, Residential, Subdivision, Mortgage, Rehabilitation, Infrastructure, and Collateral Based Credit just to name a few, and every type needs specific tools to assist in monitoring or…
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Man demoing

5 Reasons Why You ALWAYS Get A Live Demo

There are a variety of construction loan management and loan servicing software solutions available to a construction lender. Many lenders currently use Microsoft’s Excel. It is easily customized, can be edited to suit the needs of a team, and it is relatively easy to learn and maintain. And yet, Excel for all its strengths is…
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