The 5 Best Features AccuDraw Has for Your Team

The 5 Best Features AccuDraw Has for Your Team

If you’re thinking about switching to AccuDraw, you may already know that it’s the most customizable construction loan tracking software available. With nearly two decades of experience, we’ve worked with lenders of every size and loans of every type. And it’s all available for you.

We have worked hard to make sure that AccuDraw has the flexibility and the features your team needs to be effective and efficient. Here are the five best features of AccuDraw!

1. Customize Your Screens the Way You Want Them

You can easily customize your experience…every aspect of the construction loan tracking and construction loan disbursement process – including the ability to choose what you want to see and where you want to see it on your individual screens. Hide fields, move columns, and make it easy to set up every screen in the way that works best for you! Even better, the system will remember your unique setup each time you log in.

2. Add People to Specific Groups

You can use AccuDraw’s “group” feature to sort what certain team members can see and have access to. For example, if you have team members that only work on residential projects, you can set up a residential group so that the entire team can easily see the same information, use the same templates, and only see the information that is relevant to them by default. You can even add employees into multiple groups if they’re working on multiple portfolios.

3. Activity Log – Keep a Record of What’s Happening

Get rid of those “who’s on first” questions – with AccuDraw, your team can now easily see a record of all interactions within your construction loan project thanks to the Activity Log. The Activity Log tab helps you track exactly what happened on a project, including the date, time, a brief description, who approved, who completed it, who paid it, etc.

4. Checklists – Never Miss a Step

Finally get rid of sticky notes and scribbles in the folder. If there are important things you need to do on every project (or phase of a project), make it easy for your team by setting up a checklist. For example, when you are initially setting up a construction loan project in your system, are there certain things that need to be filled out or added in? Do draws over a certain amount need to have extra steps followed?

Whenever you have a process that needs to be followed, you can use checklists to help remind your team of these tasks and ensure that the right work is completed before they move on to the next step

5. Reminders – Did You Forget Something?

Your smartphone can remind you of all kinds of things – shouldn’t your construction loan software do the same? AccuDraw makes it easy for your team to set up custom alerts directly within AccuDraw thanks to the Reminders tab.

For example, you can have the system remind you of tasks ahead of time, like: “90 days from the maturity date, give me an alarm.” Or, you can set up alerts based on criteria on a project such as: “If I’m 30% drawn on this line item, remind me to do XYZ.”

Ready to for AccuDraw?

AccuDraw is the most flexible construction loan tracking software out there, and best of all, your team will enjoy using it.

Ready to get started? Contact us today for a free demo of AccuDraw’s Version 7!