The Easy Way to Future-Proof Your Construction Lending

The Easy Way to Future-Proof Your Construction Lending

A recent study found that 64% of American workers say they are looking for new job opportunities or will consider moving jobs if approached by another company. As we start to shift beyond COVID-19, this could mean that a number of your current employees may be looking at new career options in the future.

Employee turnover can range from disruptive to devastating, especially if your current construction loan tracking and disbursement processes rely on legacy infrastructures like spreadsheets and siloed knowledge. One of the easiest ways to future-proof your construction lending business is by making information sharing easy through a construction loan tracking software like AccuDraw.

AccuDraw 7 offers a completely customizable construction loan tracking software that does exactly what you need to get the job done quickly and accurately – and it makes it easy to transition projects and project knowledge between employees or teams.

Get Easy Access to Every Project

Are you (or your team) still using spreadsheets to track your construction lending and disbursements? With multiple users all accessing the same spreadsheets, it’s easy to accidentally lose data or even entire files. Even worse, if only one person has access to a spreadsheet and they leave, it can be difficult to quickly pick up the pieces from where they left off.

With AccuDraw, you can get access – or delegate access – to every project without emailing or sharing spreadsheets. That means when an employee leaves, it’s easy to transfer over projects without risking any data loss or file corruption.

Get Project Insights and Updates

In addition to access, AccuDraw makes it easy to see (and track!) the status of each construction lending project, including budgets, variances, draws, and more thanks to tools like the Activity Log and custom report builder.

The Activity Log keeps a record of what happened on a project, including the date, time, a brief description, who approved, who completed it, who paid it, etc. No more scrambling around or scrolling through old emails to find out what has been paid/approved – it’s all right there, right on your screen!

With AccuDraw’s custom report builder, you can use Dynamic Grids to easily build whatever report you need to easily organize and track all the relevant information, so you can get an easy snapshot (and report on) a project’s status.

Ready to Try AccuDraw?

With AccuDraw, you can easily future-proof your construction loan lending and disbursement, no matter what your business size is!

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