Tracking Guidance Lines with AccuDraw

Tracking Guidance Lines with AccuDraw

The structure of guidance lines can offer flexibility to your sophisticated builders, helping them to grow and develop their businesses in a big way. Guidance lines are a great asset for lenders as well, which is why AccuDraw is designed to make it easy to track guidance lines.

With AccuDraw, you can easily track, manage, and report on all of the moving pieces, from percentage complete unit by unit to the status of paydowns and principal reductions.

Consider this – does your current software or spreadsheet make it easy to track multiple projects with the same entity? AccuDraw’s Version 7 does!

And not only does AccuDraw’s construction loan software make it easy to track guidance lines, it’s also easy to report to your managers, loan officers, customers, or anyone else who might need to be updated. You can even create fully customized reports, complete with your branding, within AccuDraw’s brand new Version 7.

At AccuDraw, we offer the most customizable construction loan management software to make it easy for you to track everything from robust commercial guidance lines to simple single family residential homes.

We’ve been working with lenders for more than 20 years, which means we’ve got two decades worth of experience to help you manage and track every part of your construction loan management process.

Contact us today for a free demo of AccuDraw’s Version 7! See how easy it can be!