How Do You Track Multiple Sources of Construction Loan Funding?

How Do You Track Multiple Sources of Construction Loan Funding?

The more time you’ve spent managing construction draws and loans, the more you realize things can get complicated, fast! That’s why construction lenders and contractors have trusted AccuDraw for nearly 20 years to provide the most customizable construction loan management software out there.

One of the complex aspects of construction lending is trying to keep track of multiple sources of funding. When there’s only one lending source, it’s easy. But what happens when you suddenly have funding from subscribing banks along with equity from builders, with specific designations about which should be used first? What happens if there are multiple lending and equity sources, and how do you keep them all straight?

No matter how complicated your funding sources, AccuDraw comes with solutions to track multiple sources of construction funding right out of the box, no expensive upgrades or additional packages needed.

With AccuDraw, it’s easy to track funding from:

  • Primary banks
  • Subscribing banks
  • Equity from builders
  • … and more!

Best of all, you can combine these sources into whatever allotment you need and into whatever order you like. If one source needs to be used first, no problem! If another source can only be used for a specific part of the project, AccuDraw’s software can handle it.

AccuDraw’s features help our customers provider better service, save time, and stay sane while tracking every piece of the construction loan process, including the complexities of multiple funding sources.

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