What’s New in AccuDraw’s Version 7

What’s New in AccuDraw’s Version 7

AccuDraw Version 7

AccuDraw’s construction loan software has always been able to offer the most flexible features your business needs. With AccuDraw’s Version 7, we’ve added even more custom functionality to help you and your team organize, sort, and analyze every piece of the construction loan management process, from construction loan tracking to construction loan disbursement.

With Version 7, you can ensure every transaction is accurate and trackable thanks to the all-new Dynamic Grids, Archive Feature, and more! Check out how Version 7 could have even saved the infamous Star Wars Death Star, or keep reading to learn more about the newest features and how you can start your free AccuDraw 7 trial today.

New Dynamic Grids

AccuDraw 7 Construction Loan Software Preview of Dynamic Grids

Dynamic Grids help you organize and track all the relevant information in a single screen that’s easy to print or export into Excel or PDF. Plus:

  • Move any column to a new position
  • Sort, filter, hide and edit columns
  • Add or subtract columns from library
  • Filter any column by value
  • Print a report from any customized screen
  • Create a custom report that will open in Excel or PDF

New Archive Feature

AccuDraw 7 Construction Loan Software Preview of Archive Feature for Construction Lending

With the new Archive Feature, you can keep all of your construction loans and financing organized, without losing any data. This means you can:

  • Archive or restore sold loans
  • Clean up database for FASTER operation

…and More!

AccuDraw 7 Construction Loan Software Preview New Features for Construction Lending
  • All New Tab Screens
  • Flex Fields – Customize tabs values
  • New Entities Design – Search, edit, and create effortlessly
  • New Budget Builder – Import, create, edit and save effortlessly
  • New Sources of Funds Tab – Customize, hide and sort columns as well as add lender sources and equity sources from tab
  • All New Ledger Design – Loads instantly to search, edit, sort, and/or hide

This is Just the Beginning

Ready to get started with Version 7? See the newest version of AccuDraw’s complete construction loan management software. Contact us today to get setup with an evaluation version on your desktop or a live demo online!